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Virtuosas of  The Guitar

An Evening with

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Wilshire Ebell Theatre

Los Angeles

Saturday September 28th 6:30 PM

Ana Vidovic  &  Xuefei Yang 

A Benefit Concert 
for Classical Guitar Students

In 2017, a collaboration between EDM Services and Hunley Studios resulted in a fundraising concert for classical guitar students. With funds raised from both 2017 and their follow-up concert in 2018, the studio has been able to offer over $30,000 in scholarship support to its dedicated  undergraduate students.


This concert aims to continue on that path, and provide additional support to graduate level pursuits.  

The Concert
Ana & Fei in LA

Ana and Xuefei

 2 of the World's Finest Guitar Virtuosas Together for 1 Special Evening
Listen to Ana & Fei's interviews on Global Village Thursdays with John Schneider at KPFK
Xuefei & Ana Vidovic KPFK Global VillageAna & Fei @ KPFK
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[Ms. Vidovic's] virtuosity continues to astound...with no apparent technical limitation and a musical maturity that belies her age."

-Stephen Griesgraber,  Guitar Review 


[Ms. Yang is] one of the most extraordinary instrumentalists in the world."   -  New York Sun

2018—Los Romeros 

Scholarships raised: $20,000

James Hunley during soundcheck

2017— Ana Vidovic

Scholarships raised: $12,000

Scholarship recipients
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