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EDM Services, Inc. is a California Corporation formed in 1990 by pipeliners T. L. Butch Walls and Brian L. Payne.  EDM Services provides engineering, design and project management services to industrial, commercial and private customers with the mission of offering the highest quality professional, engineering, permitting, procurement, quality control, and project management services to its customers at the lowest overall project cost, and in an environmentally conscious manner.


Range of services includes:

  • Civil & Public Works

  • Peer Review & Plan Check

  • Pipeline Engineering Services

  • Pipeline Risk & System Safety

  • Project & Construction Management

  • System Automation & Process Control

  • Trip Wire Installation, Station, Plant Refinery & Railroad.


Part of EDM Services' mission is to participate in philanthropic endeavors that benefit local communities.  As sponsors to both public and private entities, EDM Services proudly exercises Corporate Social Responsibility and has been instrumental in enriching local communities.

EDM's collaboration with the James Hunley Guitar Studio  has been an effort to support classical guitar performance and scholarship in Los Angeles and surrounding areas 

For more information on EDM Services Inc., visit:

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