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James Hunley Guitar Studio

Musicians & Students

The Hunley Guitar Studio is a classically based studio in Los Angeles, California. As part of the mission to curate a diverse group of students,  the studio takes pride in supporting and promoting classical guitar performance and education in ways that inspire continued growth and learning. 


One of the ways Hunley Studios works to accomplish that goal is by putting on concerts with accomplished world-class artists to raise scholarship funds for eligible students.



Additionally, studio members travel, have performance events, and give various scholarships to students in the community.

It is truly unique to provide an environment of this kind in the very competitive world of music. Having diversity and support among members is a great source of pride, and it is an honor to offer this kind of environment where students can grow and achieve their musical ambitions. 


James Hunley

Guitarist and Teacher

James Hunley is considered to be the best guitar teacher in Los Angeles by many world-class guitarists, including renowned guitar grandmaster, Pepe Romero.


Mr. Hunley's early studies began with Miguel Bernal, a student of Andres Segovia, and at age 16 he began studying with scholar Frank Koonce, at Arizona State University.  James then attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he was awarded a full Sponsorship by Texas Oilman Hal Noelke. 


Following his studies at the Conservatory, James spent 3 years cross-referencing 17 major guitar schools to outline the essential elements of technique they had in common.  He then went on to complete his studies with his close friend and mentor Pepe Romero.


In 1992 he began recording the first of his Cd's with Alta Nova records, and his music video, La Catedral was seen nationally and internationally.


James was the host of The Acoustic Experience television series, as well as the producer for Pepe Romero's Emmy Award-winning performance of Recuerdos de la Alhambra.


He has performed over 400 concerts to critical acclaim, one of which was the Vivaldi Concerto that prompted critic Robert Massula to write "His delivery of the Vivaldi was exquisite- beautifully phrased, amazingly subtle, and incredibly sure."


James lives and teaches in Hollywood, CA with his wife, 3 children, and 2 amazing dogs.  

A personal note from Pepe Romero


Greetings My Friend!


I'm glad to hear that your studio is doing well and that you are sharing your love of the guitar with students of all levels.


I am writing this letter to publicly endorse and recommend your teaching. 


I know you are giving technical and musical guidance, which developing guitarists need in order to achieve mastery. I also know that you encourage students by your own inspired example to bring out their own inner musician and experience the joy of personally connecting to the guitar.


Keep up your commitment to teaching from spirit and I hope to see you soon.


~ un abrazo, Pepe Romero

James with his friend and mentor, Pepe Romero

Upcoming Performances

 Solo Recital—Free Admission

October, 2019    TBD

Forrest Lawn Memorial Park

Glendale, CA


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