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James Hunley

Guitarist and Teacher

Greetings My Friend!


I'm glad to hear that your studio is doing well and that you are sharing your love of the guitar with students of all levels.


I am writing this letter to publicly endorse and recommend your teaching. 


I know you are giving technical and musical guidance, which developing guitarists need in order to achieve mastery. I also know that you encourage students by your own inspired example to bring out their own inner musician and experience the joy of personally connecting to the guitar.


Keep up your commitment to teaching from spirit and I hope to see you soon.


~ un abrazo, Pepe Romero

James with his friend and mentor, Pepe Romero

Upcoming Performances

 Solo Recital—Free Admission

October, 2019    TBD

Forrest Lawn Memorial Park

Glendale, CA


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